Metabo Table Saw Parts, Rapir Manual and Review

Metabo table saw is the newest creation from Japanese companies. Metabo table saws are designed to make woodworking easier and safer for the woodworkers that use it. It’s great that they have taken the time and money to add safety features to it but what can it do for us? For starters, we can now cut straight with ease while sticking to the guidelines laid out by the manufacturer for each saw. This may seem simple but if you get used to using it in a few days you’ll find yourself putting your fingers in fewer places than before!

In the Metabo table saw review I want to look at the radial arm saws as these saws have been around for some time in Japan but they have never been available in the U.S until recently. As history has shown though, technology can only go so far in the industry. There are plenty of other companies that are always developing new products and cutting edge machinery and this just keeps things interesting for the companies. As a result, many saws have been added to the market that competes directly with the radial arm saws.

Metabo Table Saw Parts, Rapir Manual and Review Table Saw

Metabo Table Saw Reviews, Metabo Table Saw Parts

The Metabo table saws use a unique double-cutting blade system that allows the blade to beveled as well as being stacked up on top of the previous blade. This is accomplished without having to remove or clean the saw’s motor. The two cuts are easier to make and produce less vibration which translates into better work and cutting efficiency. The two blades of the saw have also been designed to work more efficiently in terms of dust extraction.

The onboard storage system is also another feature that makes the table more efficient. The onboard storage system is built into the saw’s motor housing and uses a hook and loop design to attach to the Metabo table saw stand itself. This design comes with a pair of rotating razors that can be used to grind down pieces and also to cut material. Each of the blades can rotate at a maximum of eighteen separate rotations per minute.

The table saw has an extremely high level of ripping capacity. It is capable of ripping both heavier and lighter materials which makes it ideal for ripping boards and wood. Extremely heavy material such as maple can be cut easily and quickly by using the electric brake while using a heavier piece of wood. The kickback that is experienced during operation is not experienced when using this type of table saw.

A unique feature found on many Metabo table saws is the blade guard. A blade guard is installed on the top of the table saw to protect the motor from damage. This guards’ assembly can be removed and re-installed with ease. The blade guard assembly also provides an unobstructed cut path even if the blade is raised above the saw’s fence.

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