Kobalt Power Cleaner and Kobalt Power Cleanser Review 2021**

Kobalt Power Cleaner for hard-surface use, like cleaning decks and patios, the Kobalt Power Cleaner by Kobalt is a good option. Compact, lightweight, and easy to use, the Kobalt 40V Cleaner is a necessity. With 600 PSI at just 0.8 GPM, there is plenty of pressure for deep cleaning on outdoor furniture, automobiles, boats, tents, and more. It also features a flexible 5-inch stainless steel nozzle for powerful cleaning on all types of surfaces, along with a standard marine-style marine chain.

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For use indoors or in the garage, the Kobalt Power Cleanser by Kobalt is a great solution for tough dirt, grease, mold, mildew, grease, and grime. Its water-based solution de-greases and removes stubborn stains. It also cleans windows with ease. Unlike other brands that use harsh chemicals, this cleaner uses a non-toxic organic base. It can be used for any type of grout, including textured, colored, and pre-finished.

Both the Power Cleanser and the Kobalt Power Cleaner are easy to operate and require little maintenance. The Kobalt Power Cleaner has an automatic wet-water rinse, whereas the Power Cleanser needs a quick spray and dry cycle. Both cleaners have accessories such as window cleaners, mildew and soap sweeps, fumeers and degreasers, glass cleaners, tire beads, rotary buffers, and salt and sand blasting attachments. Kobalt also offers a lifetime warranty on the pumps and parts, and a limited lifetime warranty on the motor. Shop around for a quality power cleaner, as you will find that all of Kobalt’s cleaning machines, along with many others, are made with high quality parts.

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